Bon Appetit: Starting a Craft Food Business

Class: Starting a Craft Food Business

I can’t tell you how many people have told me, “wow, you really heated up those frozen organic peas nicely!” Okay, it’s zero. The number is zero. Meal preparation has never been at the top of my skill list. I do have one kind-of-from-scratch recipe that inspires folks to line up for seconds and thirds, but the meals in our house are usually prepared simply or are the result of someone else’s expertise.

This has led me to be an appreciator of other people’s cooking, whether it’s by my boyfriend, at a friend’s home or a restaurant, from a food truck or a farmer’s market, or in the gourmet packaged food section at the grocery store. These food-crafty people were the folks in this Lifelong Learning class and most of them had a product that they wanted to bring to market for people just like me!

The business-y side of creating artisan food products can be overwhelming when all you want to do is share your delicious recipe with adoring fans. For this class our instructor, Blanca, provided a good overview to starting a small business and then delved into the specifics of starting a food business.

That was where I started believing that I was actually going to start an artisan food business, not just learn how to do it. Our trees gave us 3000 apples last year; surely there’s a bottled beverage in there somewhere, with an awesome screen-printed label? Oh Thirty Class Challenge, you’re making my brain turn!