Brainfueling (previously known as Brainfuel) begins as a crazy random continuing education class schedule–a just-for-fun experiment in learning and sharing. The original plan was for 30 days straight of different classes, but that would have been double-crazy and the class schedule didn’t present that opportunity. Whew! So then the plan was for 30 different courses (attempting to attend as many class sessions as possible without cloning myself) over 10 weeks.

A big thank you to Lifelong Learning and Continuing Education at the University of Utah and to the class instructors for their support of this experiment.


A few facts:

  • I wasn’t raised in Utah but decided to claim status as a “westerner” within one month of moving here (my senior year of high school).
  • I have a slight southern accent that gets stronger when I’m sleep deprived.
  • I’ve spent the last 15+ years working in marketing, communications, design, and real estate.

Here’s another little known fact about me:

I used to be the Champion of the Alpine Slide in our household. I had an otherwise useless ability to tuck myself into the slide, bank my turns and go, go, go. I was unbeatable.

And then.

This happened.

a second before the crash

This is not how you bank turns. This is out of control and a second before the crash at Snowbird. See that arm position? Not good.

I do, however, have a lovely scar on the back of my arm to remind me that I was once the Champion of the Alpine Slide.